Bir dünya markası olarak yarım asıra yakın tecrübemizle en kalitelisini ve en güzelini üretmek için yola çıktık.


MULEX has created all the necessary infrastructure conditions in its facilities in order to produce reliable, high quality products suitable for foot health in a high quality understanding; has also crowned its sensitivity on consumer health and satisfaction with quality certificates. In this way, it has taken every stage of the processes that aim at continuous development and renewal, which deals with all stages from the design of the product to production and sales, under control.

At MULEX, we renew our collections in line with the pace of change in fashion trends. We are growing every day to be closer to our customers, thus constantly offering new professional business opportunities.

The facilities we produce have been designed to set an example for other organizations in our sector and befitting our country and Turkey's vision, and we are always striving to renew our production track with state-of-the-art machinery.

In line with the demands of our customers, we also manufacture men's, women's, children's shoes and special design shoes. Our company, which manufactures and wholesales trendy models by following the fashion closely, offers fashion to its customers at the most affordable prices with its half-century experience.

MULEX SLIPPER appeals to all types with its male, female and children's varieties. It responds to the needs of all kinds of stores in Turkey in its workplaces, each of which has its own sales place. It has undertaken the mission of making Turkish shoes a world brand in the field of export by opening up to the world market and successfully continues this task.



Quality management that reaches wide audiences with its products; To be a leading brand in the manufacturing of slippers with its wide product range that focuses on customer satisfaction, is in harmony with its values, can create quality human resources, and is integrated with the technological developments that it closely follows.

Our Major Brands

Our products, which we have branded in different quality and concepts in order to appeal to many segments, are distinguished from others by their differences in their own fields...