MULEX is constantly improving with increasing customer satisfaction by constantly monitoring the ever-changing consumer expectations and using all its possibilities.


Our primary goal is to continue our activities as a developed brand with an understanding of quality and ongoing customer satisfaction. The continuity of our company in the domestic and foreign markets is possible with the continuity of our products and services. In parallel, the quality of our products and services begins with the quality and responsibility of our employees. MULEX makes this effort by using the developing technologies, and all its processes are based on the following purposes and principles.


Our Purpose and Principles We Adhere to:

  • To grow with continuous development in Turkey and world markets by combining our values ​​with our goals and strategies.
  • To provide trust to the consumer and to act in a close manner with a sense of responsibility in all our businesses and activities.
  • The MULEX brand is synonymous with quality in the perception of our customers. In order to maintain this trust, to design, produce and present quality products that do not harm health and the environment that our customers will love to use.
  • Each of our employees is conscious of customer satisfaction. To monitor and analyze satisfaction indicators, competitors' activities, best practices; to use this information to improve our products.
  • The main factor behind customer satisfaction is happy and knowledgeable people working in a positive environment. To continuously develop our employees with this awareness and to support this development with effective leadership and training.
  • To carefully select, evaluate and develop our suppliers for quality products and continuous customer satisfaction.
  • To follow technology and innovations and apply them to our processes so that all our customers, suppliers and employees can access information quickly, effectively and simply.
  • To maintain our superiority in the market and competition by offering our products and services to our customers with increasing quality before our competitors.


Quality is putting the right product or service in the hands of the
customer at the right time and at the right price.

Our Major Brands

Our products, which we have branded in different quality and concepts in order to appeal to many segments, are distinguished from others by their differences in their own fields...